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This is for the purchase of a Reiki Healing Session by Distance for Pain Relief.  Upon purchase, Jennifer, an Advanced Reiki Master will contact you by the email address you provide to discuss your specific pain relief needs.  Once those healing needs are clarified, the Reiki healing session will be completed, by distance within 5 days.  


This is for 1 hour.  Here is the potential breakdown of that hour: 

10 to 15 minutes email communication and research

35 to 40 minutes of Reiki healing

10 minutes follow-up discussion


Reiki has many benefits, but it is best known to lesson anxiety, reduce stress, improve sleep, calm the mind, increase awareness, lessen irritability, reduce pain, and so much more.   


Unsure about Reiki healing?  Free Group Chakra Healing sessions take place on Wednesdays by Distance featuring Reiki healing methods.  Please join!  It's free!

Reiki Healing Distance Sessions for Pain Relief

  • This is not a replacement for seeking out professional medical and/or mental health care or advice! If you need medical or mental healthcare, please seek out a qualified licensed professional first! Never delay or disregard the assistance of a healthcare professional because of something you read on this site or perceived as advice. This content and my correspondence are intended to be for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for licensed professional medical advice. If you have any medical or mental health-related questions, please seek the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional. Thank you!

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