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This is for the purchase of an Angelic Healing Session by Distance.  Upon purchase, Jennifer, an Advanced Angelic Healer will contact you by the email address you provide to discuss your healing needs.  Once those healing needs are clarified, the Angelic Healing session will be completed, by distance within 5 days.  


An Angelic Healing is another form of energy healing that is led by the Angels.  The Energy Healer is the facilitator for this healing connecting to the Angelic Realm, calling in the Angelic and Christ Consciousness Golden energies, and setting the healing intentions.  

Attuned to the frequency of the Angelic Realm, the Healer will call to the Archangels and Angels to assist with healing using the golden Angelic ray of light. On this frequency, the Healer brings everyone together holding the Light and the healing space for all.

Every Angelic healing is deeply personal, between the person or people being healed and the Angels. The Angels know exactly what is needed when called.  The benefits can be multi-dimensional – physical, mental, emotion and spiritual. Those who have received Angelic Healings have reported feeling peaceful, calm, supported, hopeful and empowered.


Unsure about Angelic healing?  Free Group Angelic Healing sessions take place on Sundays by Distance.  Please join!  It's free!

Angelic Healing by Distance

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