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Angels of Abundance Cards

© Doreen Virtue & Grant Virtue
Abundance Mindset
Abundance Mindset.jpg

Abundance Mindset

If you think of your abundance as something that happens in the future, then it will always be one day away from you.  See, feel, think, and speak of abundance as something you already have in the present moment, and that is what you will experience.

Attracting, Not Chasing
Attracting Not Chasing.jpg

Attracting, Not Chasing

Anything or anyone you chase after will run the other way, because of the fears underlying “chasing” energy.  Instead, attract what you need by sending out love, gratitude, and welcoming energy.

Ask for Your Needs
Ask For Your Needs To Be Met.jpg

Ask For Your Needs to Be Met

God and the angels can come to your aid only if you make a freewill choice to be helped, and it begins with asking.  It doesn’t matter how you ask God for help, but only that you do so.  The same holds true with clearly asking other people to assist you.

Block Out Distractions
Block Out Distractions.jpg

Block Out Distractions

Your life purpose and other priorities need you undivided attention, so it’s time for you to take charge of your schedule and working environments by turning off electronics and avoiding anyone or anything that distracts you from what’s important.  You already know what there distractions are, and you have the power to responsibly block them out.

Bountiful Nature
Bountiful Nature.jpg

Bountiful Nature

Spending time in nature helps shift you to a higher vibration and reminds you of God’s infinite abundance. Go outside and enjoy a walk or hike with your pet, meditate beneath a tree, garden, site under the stars, or do some other activity to connect with the limitless vastness.

Clean Energy Food
Clean Energy Food.jpg

Clean – Energy Food

When you fuel your body with a beautiful organic diet, you increase your energy levels and ability to focus.  This automatically leads to more efficiency, better ideas and a higher vibration, which attracts golden opportunities and beneficial relationships.

Clearing Debt
Clearing Debts.jpg

Clearing Debts

Your self-care involves removing the heavy burdens of financial and emotional debts from your life.  You already feel lighter and freer just by facing this topic and making a plan to clear present obligations and avoid future ones as well. 

Conscious Consumer
Conscious Consumer.jpg

Conscious Consumer

You have the power to heal and help the world with your decision to buy only products and services that are ethical and environmentally friendly.  As a conscious consumer, you choose to invest in fair-trade and organic goods, you love simply, and you purchase only that which you need.

Cooperation Instead
Cooperation Instead of Competition.jpg

Cooperation Instead of Competition

What’s yours is yours, and no one can take it from you.  There’s no need to compete, as there’s an abundance for all.  You have complete access to unlimited abundance for yourself and to share with others.  With cooperative partnership, you can accomplish anything. 



You’ll feel better and more focused if you’ll take the time to clear away clutter from your living and work space.  Donate what you can to help others who may need your items.  Be sure to keep your schedule uncluttered as well.



You are a beloved child of God, like everyone else, and you deserve to receive the support that will allow you to focus upon your Divine life purpose.  Even if you can’t yet recognize your loveable qualities, trust that God and the angels can see how amazing you truly are.

Detox Your Friendships.jpg

Detox Your Friendships

Your abundance flow is being affected by the people with whom you’re spending time, so be discerning about your associations and relationships.  Choose to be with people who are inspiring, generous, and supportive.

Do the Work
Do The Work.jpg

Do the Work

It’s not enough to dream or pray.  You’ve also got to take the positive action steps that you are being Divinely guided to take.  Consistently working on your priorities will make them flourish like a lush flower garden. 

Donations Tithing and Charitable Work.jpg

Donations, Tithing, and Charitable Work

Give joyfully to the organizations and people who spiritually support and inspire you, and know that you are generosity will be returned to you manifold in miraculous ways.  This time, supplies, money, or other resources you donate will ensure that your positive energy multiplies.

Dreams of Abundance
Dreams of Abundance.jpg

Dreams of Abundance

As you sleep, God, your angels, and your higher self are giving you Divinely guided ideas, answers, and solutions.  Be sure to record your dreams in a journal, because they contain valuable insights that will help you manifest your desires into reality.

Employment Change
Employment Change.jpg

Employment Change

Your career path is leading you in a higher direction with positive changes to support your dreams, priorities, passions, and life purpose.  Trust that these changes will help you release the old and welcome the new.  You are being supported each step of the way!

Exercise to Increase
Exercise to Increase Your Energy and Manifestation Abilities.jpg

Exercise to Increase Your Energy and Manifestation Abilities

The key to manifesting quickly is to have very high energy levels, and the easiest way to increase them is through physical exercise.  Choose a fun and meaningful activity so that you’ll look forward to exercising, and it becomes its own reward.

Face Your Financial Fears
Face Your Financial Fears.jpg

Face Your Financial Fears

When you are honest with yourself about fears of success or failure, they can no longer control you.  Be free of hidden fears by exposing them to the light of awareness, and you’ll realize that you in fact have nothing to fear…and that every successful person has struggled with and released these self-doubts.

Focus on Your Priorities.jpg

Focus on Your Priorities

Where you put your focus is where you receive your outcome.  Your priorities are calling you, which may produce a feeling of anxiety unless you give them the time and attention they – and you – deserve.  Eve a small amount of time devoted to your priorities will help you feel better and more confident.

God Is Your Source.jpg

God is Your Source

Everything you need is supplied by the infinite Source of God, and your faith opens the doorway to receive.  In God, there is no lack or limitations rather, there is plenty of abundance for all to share. 

Gratitude List
Gratitude List.jpg

Gratitude List

Counting your blessings and feeling gratitude for what you already have helps you to be centered in your heart instead of fixated on worries in your mind.  What and who are you grateful for now?  Keep focusing upon gratitude, and you’ll discover the amazing generosity of this universe. 

Have Courage
Have Courage to Ask for and Accapt Help.jpg

Have Courage to Ask for– And Accept – Help

Asking for help is a sign of strength, as is accepting it as it is offered to you.  Very often when you ask God for help, prayers are answered through other people.  Be sure to accept this assistance, as well as give it to others as you are guided.

It is Safe
It Is Safe for You to Receive.jpg

It is Safe for You to Receive

The more you allow yourself to receive, the more resources you have available to share with others.  Open your arms to receive and be a conduit for good coming to you and through you, as it blesses the world.

Let Go
Let Go of Guilt.jpg

Let Go of Guilt

When you allow your light to shine brightly, you inspire others.  Forgive yourself for what you think you’ve done or not done, and trust that God loves you unconditionally for who you are.  Learn and grown from past mistakes, instead of berating yourself for them.



You can start working on your dream career part-time while keeping your other job to pay the bills.  Soon your dream career will take flight and fully support you. 

No More Complaining
No More Complaining.jpg

No More Complaining

Complaints are affirmation of victimhood, which is never true spiritually.  Take back your God-given power by affirming that you have an abundance of choices and freedom.  With your increased confidence and assertiveness, watch these positive affirmations blossom into reality.

Obsticles and Blocks are Lifted.jpg

Obstacles and Blocks Are Lifted

All your good personal work and your positive energy shift have overcome previous obstacles and blocks are lifted away.  You will now experience progress and forward movement with your projects.  Stay centered in gratitude to ensure that your flow of abundance continues.

Organize for Success.jpg

Organize For Success

Do not let the word organize intimidate you, as it is simply a way for you to ensure clarity of purpose.  Organizing your thoughts, your reports, your living and work space, and your finances will help you know and plan your next action step.

Pay Yourself
Pay Yourself First.jpg

Pay Yourself First

Make yourself your most important financial obligation by setting aside a portion of your income every time you are paid.  This loving forms of self-care ensures that you’ll have savings to invest in your present…and your future.



Allow beautiful, supportive partnerships into your personal life and career, and both parties benefit as a result.  You are receiving help from Heaven and from a person who brings needed skills and resources.

Positivity Faith and Optimism.jpg

Positivity, Faith, and Optimism

You open the doorway to positive experiences and opportunities with your positive expectations and energy.  Do not allow negative energy or temporary setbacks to interfere with the path you are on.  Keep the faith and keep going!

Power of Prayer
Power of Prayer.jpg

Power of Prayer

Give the situation to God for uplifting and healing and be open to miracles.  Heaven’s unlimited resources, love, and answers are awaiting your prayers.  Be sure to act upon the divine guidance God gives to you in response to your prayers. 

Quiet Retreat.jpg

Quiet Retreat

It’s time to disconnect from the outer world so that you can discern and process your true thoughts and feelings from your inner world.  Create this quiet time for yourself, and you’ll have more clarity about what to do next.

Raise or Promotion
Raise or Promotion.jpg

Raise or Promotion

Congratulations – an increase in your abundant flow awaits you!  This is a result of your positive focus and willingness to take action based on your Divine guidance.  Keep up the good work!

Release Jealousy
Release Jealousy.jpg

Release Jealousy

Jealousy is an affirmation that you don’t have something and the universe manifests exactly as you affirm.  Let other people’s successes inspire rather than frustrate you.  If they can have it, so can you!

Release Resentment
Release Resentments About Money.jpg

Release Resentment About Money

Yes, the money system of the world can seem upsetting, but holding resentments about finances just pushes your abundance away.  Instead, see money as a tool you can use to better the world, and this shift will help you attract support and golden opportunities. 



As you consistently save for your future, your future is saved.  You do your future self a big favor as you consistently set aside present funds.  This is a part of your self-care and path to feeling secure as you focus upon your life purpose.

Sever Vows of Poverty
Sever Vows of Poverty.jpg

Sever Vows of Poverty

Dear One, there’s no need to suffer or sacrifice.  Hold the intension of undoing any vows of poverty and self-denial that you may have made, consciously or unconsciously, in any lifetime.  As you do so, all effects of these vows will be undone for everyone involved in all directions of time.

Successful Funding
Successful Funding.jpg

Successful Funding

Your idea is divinely guided and supported by the same infinite wisdom of God that gave you the idea.  Do not allow money concerns to prevent you from turning it into reality.  Crowdfunding, partnership, and other investments are available to help you. 

Take a Chance
Take A Divinely Guided Chance.jpg

Take A Divinely Guided Chance

All positive change and successful ventures involve a degree of risk, and you are ready to follow your Divine guidance to new territories.  As you leave behind that which is comfortable and familiar but no longer appropriate for you, you make room for new and more meaningful opportunities. 

Unlimited Ideas
Unlimited Ideas.jpg

Unlimited Ideas

Your mind is one with God’s infinite mind.  Therefore, you have complete access to unlimited ideas guaranteed to bring blessings.  All you need to do is to take Divinely guided action to allow these ideas to come into fruition. 

Visualize Abundance
Visualize Abundance In All Forms.jpg

Visualize Abundance In All Forms

God gave you such great spiritual power that everything you visualize eventually becomes reality.  Hold a steady vision of that which is beautiful, healthful, positive and filled with blessings…and that is what you will experience.

Windfall of Abundance
Windfall of Abundance.jpg

Windfall of Abundance

An increase in abundance is arriving in many different forms, some of them unexpected.  Be open to receiving and know that this abundance comes to you to support your life purpose, health, and charitable work. 

Words of Abundance
Words of Abundance.jpg

Words of Abundance

You have the ability to instantly manifest abundance by choosing powerfully positive words.  Always describe your own and the world’s economic situation in loving and optimistic terms, and that is what you attract for yourself and others. 

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